Not all candles are the same.

For over 60 years, we have stood for quality, value & reliability. Our candles are made with fine waxes and fragrances that burn clean & provide a long lasting fragrance. From our fragranced jar candles to our
fragrance bars & wax warmers, we apply our same high standards to every product we sell.
When you buy a Empire Candle Co. brand, you are buying a quality candle with the finest
ingredients that meet our high standards.


Tuscany Candle

Same great candle, now with a great new look! Available in satin or marbled wax and in unique layer pours and various jar sizes that are perfect for any home décor. 

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Hot new product! Specially made with no liquid mess or leaks. Available in top-selling fragrances. Coming soon. Click Here to Learn More.



From quality candles to expertly designed fragrance warmers and wax melts, we take pride in the spaces that consumers are able to create with our candles.

Enticing Aromas

Show off your style with these modestly priced candles. Bold labeling, on trend colored wax, and the most popular fragrances are sure to create smiles.